This blog is all about the Boomerang channel, its activation steps on Roku and troubleshooting issues on the channel activation steps

Why Should I Activate Boomerang TV on Roku?

  • You can enjoy the best streaming experience on Roku
  • By activating the Boomerang TV you could make your kids happy as this channel is meant for family and kids
  • On Roku, the channel activation is easy and simple

About the Boomerang Channel

  • This channel is to entertain kids
  • Boomerang offers many kids shows like cartoon series, fun games and the quiz about the interesting facts
  • You can watch the classic shows and new originals on this channel
  • Additionally, you can also get the new content on a weekly basis on this channel

Popular Shows

  • Atom ant
  • Barney bear
  • Bugs bunny
  • Bunicula
  • Camp Lazlo
  • Courage
  • Daffy duck
  • Wizard of OZ
  • Droopy
  • Flintstone
  • Foghorn leghorn
  • Gym partner
  • Huckleberry Hound
  • Juniper lee
  • Looney toons
  • Scooby doo
  • Smurfs
  • Tom and jerry
  • Wacky races
  • Yogi bear

What is the Compatible Device to Watch the Boomerang Channel?

  • Roku
  • Kindle
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android device
  • iOS device
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon channel
  • 4K Apple TV

How do I Activate Boomerang on Roku using roku?

Credentials Required to Activate the Boomerang TV on Roku

  1. Roku account credentials
  2. Healthy wireless network connection
  3. The SSID and password for the network connection
  4. The compatible Roku streaming player
  5. Necessary power cables

The Gist to Activate the Boomerang TV on Roku

  • Connect the internet connection to the Roku device
  • Login to your Roku account
  • Enter to Roku channel store
  • Search for the channel
  • Select the add channel option
  • Get the activation code and activate the channel by visiting the

How To Sign Up Boomerang Account On Roku?

  • You need to download and launch the Boomerang channel from the Roku channel store
  • Now you need to open the channel app and tap on the subscribe option
  • Then you will get the list of plans available on the Boomerang channel
  • It is your choice to choose either the annual pack or the monthly pack
  • Choose your age and choose the email option
  • Now you can access the boomerang channel with the Roku account information
  • You need to enter the pin which you use to access the Roku account
  • Via this, you can complete the payment steps for the boomerang channel via the Roku account
  • Tap on the sign in and confirm the plan subscription

Here are the Steps to Activate the Boomerang Roku

Step 1

  • First, complete the basic settings on your Roku device
  • Create the Roku account using the required credentials
  • After creating the account, sign in to your Roku account on your Roku device
  • Sign in to the Roku channel store using the Roku user name and password

Note: to get the detailed information about the Roku account creation, check our blogs and site for the best guidance

Step 2

  • Activate the internet connection on the Roku device for adding the boomerang on Roku
  • To add the internet, enter the settings option and connect the network by entering the required credentials like SSID and the WEP
  • Once done check that the device gets the healthy network connection
  • It is always better to use the wireless network when compared to the wired network for the better results

Step 3

  • Browse to the Roku channel store
  • Search for the boomerang channel on the search tab
  • Once you get the appropriate result, tap the add channel option
  • As soon as you start to download the channel, you will get the channel activation code on the screen
  • Browse to the page and enter the channel activation code that you get on the screen
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and get the channel activated on the Roku
  • After completing all the steps, refresh the home page and check that you could view the channel icon on the screen

Tip: you don’t need to worry about the payment steps because you can enjoy the free trial for the 7 days. After the free trial, you can proceed with the payment steps

What is the Troubleshooting Issue that you Face while the Boomerang Com Activate?

  • If you could not get the activation code then check that you have a proper network connection to the Roku device
  • Check that your Roku device is compatible for the boomerang activation
  • Make sure you enter the code on this site properly
  • Moreover, enter the code before it gets expired

For further tips and tricks to activate Boomerang TV on Roku get the tips and tricks from our best-supporting team @ +1-813-370-1950 or visit

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