Privacy Policy

Our company follows set of rules and regulations for the benefit of our customers. Safety and security of the people who visit our site are important to us. Furthermore, we collect data and information to serve our customers better and handle the data we receive safely and securely. Particularly, read through the privacy policies in our site to know more about it. We fully abide by the privacy policies mentioned below and expect the device users to do the same.

Handling data and information

The information we collect includes customer name, contact number, and email id. The official information required is card details, device information, device errors, and other reports. The error reports of the device will contain the features and particulars of the device, the cause of the error and many more. The location of the customers is also necessary if there is a requirement for it.


The cookies are utilized on our website for the purpose of monitoring traffic and to improve it also. Furthermore, it is also essential in offering effective and excellent service. It will assist in getting the documents required.


The authorities of our website are not liable for any kind of threat or misuse that may take place because of data sharing.

Judicial action

In case of an event of misuse or threat of our site, we will hand over the matter to Judicial authorities for taking necessary actions. The information of the concerned parties will be submitted to the authorities. This will action will take place with the knowledge of everybody involved.

Security of confidential information

We are strict in maintaining the confidentiality of the information and data we collect. We never use data and information without asking the prior consent from the users.

Changes and Modifications

Customers will not receive information about the changes or alterations we make of the terms and conditions in our site. Therefore it becomes their responsibility to refer to the terms and conditions before subscribing to our service. They can visit our site to get the updates for the terms and conditions, privacy policies and other essential information.