Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the terms and conditions on our website. This will help to become aware of the regulations set beforehand. The rules will help in maintaining the legalities that exist for the benefit of customers and Website authorities.

Privacy policies are an essential aspect of the terms and conditions. It will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do when you decide to opt for our services.

Our Vision

The major objective of our site is to offer functional support to our customers when they encounter errors in the devices they utilize daily. We provide services that will enable customers to use devices with satisfaction. We also help in device activation, troubleshooting, error identification and many more.

Privacy Policy

It is of at most importance for the users to read the privacy policy. Before making use of the services offered we kindly recommend our customers to read and understand the policies which we follow. We utilize secure and safe methods to give accurate data to our customers for their benefit.

We only receive the necessary information from our users for significant purposes. In our site, the users are required to fill in the contact information including name, email ID, password. We also collect the necessary details through call.

Responsibility of the users

It solely depends on the user to safeguard the information or any type of data they have shared on the site. It comprises of personal as well as official information.

Our services and plans

We always center all our attention on offering the best possible support and guidance for our customers. Specifically, the device setup, activation, troubleshooting and other guides in our sites are all focused on providing the best methods for our customers. Our customers can just visit the site for immediate tips to use the devices.

Chargeback policies

The chargeback policies are applicable in times when the customers decide to cancel the services. The customers will get back the amount they have spent on the services because of the chargeback and refund policies.